Perfect blend of grapefruit soda and lime juice.

Nicotine: 20mg
Package: 20pcs

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If you love to indulge in a relaxing experience that will give you the ultimate tobacco fix to satisfy your palette, then we are your go to source for any and all tobacco related products. Some people smoke pipes, some people smoke cigarettes, some people smoke cigars, and others enjoy the true raw, rich taste of fine quality chewing tobacco. Snus tobacco is extremely popular around the world. Simply slide it under your lip and experience the superb flavoring that erupts in your mouth. Snus is a great alternative to regular chewing tobacco. The tobacco comes in a small pouch just like regular chewing tobacco, but there is no mess or smoke. The best part is that Snus is completely spit-free. Since the tobacco has such as low salt content and high moisture properties, spitting is never required. This is a huge selling point to true Snus tobacco enthusiasts that want to indulge in fine quality tobacco, without appearing unbecoming to those around them by spitting.

Since Snus was introduced in Sweden over 200 years ago, it has grown to be one of the most popular types of tobacco in the world. You can savor the flavor of your favorite Snus tobacco anywhere and anytime, since no one will be the wiser. If you are at a location that bans smoking, no problem! Snus is completely smoke-free and odorless while you have it in your mouth